The Urbanaut« Monorail Technology


Welcome to the Urbanaut« Company, Inc. Monorail Technology Center

The Technology Test Center encompasses an indoor facility and outside winding, elevated guideways with two circulators, one elevated and one at surface. The Center incorporates a dual guideway automatic switch assembly and an indoor display and presentation facility. The guideway is manufactured of fiberglass from CADD programs and consists of several straight and curved super-elevated sections, having steep uphill and downhill grades of up to 12%. The curved portion of the guideway consists of transition spirals in addition to radial curves with maximum 10 elevation.

The rolling stock includes several single vehicles, a small PRT (Personal Rapid Transit) vehicle, and a 3-car train of composite material custom manufactured from Pro Engineer Data. Each vehicle has two unique non-magnetic wheel bogies (the "brains" in the vehicle) made of composite materials and/or aluminum. The bogies support, guide, propel and control the speed of the vehicle. The wheel bogie has 2 traction (load) tires and 4 guide wheel tires.

Elevated Circulator with 2 Single Vehicles and a 3-Car Train

Urbanaut« has complete engineering and plans for a full scale, high tech Technology Center consisting of 1 mile of a configuration 8 guideway layout, with several types of switching devices, and a building for control, operation, maintenance and training of personnel.


Views of Urbanaut« Technology Center, Vehicles and Switch

Circulator comparable to normal size has radius = 40 meters with super elevation (banking) of 10║


A 3-Car Train in a sharp curve with 10░ super elevation (banking)


A 3-car train is entering and a single car is leaving a tunnel. Ventilation ducts and fire protection are along the roof of the tunnel.

At surface only a 1.0 meter wide, inexpensive concrete slab is required

Automatic Switching of Urbanaut
« Vehicle
Applying high speed flexible guide rail switch
The vehicle maintains normal speed through the switch

Video of Urbanaut« Switch (Small File 3.4MB mpeg)  

Video of Urbanaut« Switch (Large File 5.6MB mpeg)

Video of Urbanaut« transiting test track (4.7MB mpeg)