Highlights of the Urbanaut® Monorail Technology

A.                  Background and Experience:

The modern innovative, much more flexible and less costly Urbanaut is considered the future of monorail transportation. The design, engineering and construction of the Urbanaut® represents special unique features derived from a long study, engineering, model testing and practical application of the Urbanaut® Technology.

The inventor, Mr. Einar Svensson, a world authority on monorails was a principal and engineer with the Alweg Monorail Company, of which 20 systems have been installed world wide.

B.         Basic Technology of the Urbanaut®

Urbanaut® is a new superior smaller, lighter and less costly monorail, where the guide way is approximately half the width of the vehicle. The technology is not dependent on a massive beam way. The vehicle runs on top of the runway and is guided and stabilized by a uniquely fin-shaped center rail that locks the vehicle to the guideway which can be a 1.1m wide slab at surface and sub-surface. Derailment is virtually impossible.

The vehicles are electrically operated, utilizing a confined small rubber tired wheel bogie with a powerful in-wheel electro-magnetic motor /or non-contact maglev linear induction (MLIM) propulsion system. The attractive aerodynamic vehicles are non-polluting, and use noiseless rubber tires. The system utilizes the latest technology in automatic operation, control, communication, supervision and maintenance, and latest energy saving concepts.

C.         Flexibility in Planning More Efficient Passenger Service – Simple Switching of Guide ways

In contrast to other monorails that straddle and envelope a massive beamway the Urbanaut® has 4 different types of small simple, lightweight switches, depending on application:

1.       Flexible center guide rail type

2.       Swivel type - Two guide ways crossing at the same level

3.    Low speed on-board passive or active switching for off-line stations and maintenance facilities

4.    A shuttle switch for "pinched end" stations

Choice of switching allows more freedom in planning of guide way layouts that incorporate greater and more efficient passenger service.

D.                  Special Prefabricated Portable Elevated Structures

Special unique attractive off-street Urbanaut® structures and stations made of portable concrete or steel components have been engineered and applied. Slender supports can be located along the parking lane, or on the sidewalk. Special elevated structural concept allow for spans up to 150' (45m) between foundations to bridge large streets and intersections., thereby reducing interference with surface traffic and underground utilities. The assembly technique allows for easy addition or removal of existing installations.

E.                  Capacity and Speed

Urbanaut® has the potential capacities to compete with existing light rail and other types of monorails. By utilizing the 2 basic vehicle components (an end and a middle car) in single, dual, or multiple combinations, a train of vehicles can be designed for the appropriate capacity, varying form 2,000 to 40,000 passengers per hour.

F.                  Special small single and PRT vehicles utilize smaller guideway loops that provide direct service to the community and can also operate on the same guideway as full size vehicles. The speed and capability of vehicles, up to 140 mph (225 km/hr) depends on spacing between station stops, which controls practical and economic feasibility of a potential installation.

G.                 Cost

Urbanaut® is not dependent on a massive beam way like other monorails so has great flexibility. The guide way can be built at the surface or in a tunnel using a 1.1 meter wide concrete slab, with minimal environmental impact.

The vehicle height is 30% less than a straddle type monorail, and therefore much lighter, allowing a more slender support structure and less power to operate and maintain.

Extensive independent studies of monorail and light rail alternatives suggest the Urbanaut® Technology is far superior, much simpler and can cost 30 to 40% less than other types monorails and 1/3 that of light rail. This means more flexibility in planning and options of types of construction

Special unique structural concepts, the ability to climb 12% grades, two optional propulsion systems, the switching ability, vehicle design, size and weight, maintenance and operation, re-usable energy devices, great flexibility in application and overall simplicity are major factors accounting for the considerable lower cost and efficiency of the Urbanaut®.

H.                  Urbanaut Preliminary Feasibility Studies.

Urbanaut will, under a Preliminary Feasibility Agreement, discuss options and provide proprietary and other helpful documents, illustrations, videos, guidelines of costs and advice to minimize unexpected problems and give guide lines to help advance a project for further study. It is in the Urbanaut's interest to make a project cost effective and profitable for the many contractors, consultants and agencies involved.




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