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Typical Traffic Chaos in an American City



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The new Urbanaut® Monorail Technology is an environmentally friendly, non-polluting transportation system that can relieve today's congested and unhealthy transportation environments.

You will find that our technology is unique and innovative in nearly all aspects, especially in relation to the conventional light rail and outdated straddle-beam-type monorails that use 50 year old technology and massive guideways and vehicles. Our technology utilizes lighter vehicles, smaller guideways and therefore much less costly. The Urbanaut® is the only monorail in which a smaller vehicles operating on smaller local guideways can be seamlessly integrated (switched) onto a larger, higher capacity and faster system. This is the key to a transportation system that is totally integrated into communities.


Modern Times Set Different Criteria

v                 It is time to change our ideas and our transportation systems to match our advancing technology and expectations

v                 Intolerable traffic congestions and pollution force authorities to take action for solutions.

v                 The overwhelming need for alternative new transportation is amplified by the hundreds of projects put on back burners during the last decade because of the outrageous costs local authorities simply could not afford.


Urbanaut® MONORAIL is the Alternative

v     Optimal passenger comfort and safety – top priorities

v     Fully automated

v     Walk-through train design

v     Non polluting, electrical power

v     Non-interfering with existing transportation

v     Versatile for urban networks - Small, Intermediate, and Large Capacity Systems integrated on the same guideways

v     Aesthetically  aerodynamic vehicle profile and support design

v     Less environmental impact – smaller vehicle and beamway with long spans

v     Passenger capacity systems from 2,000 to 40,000 passengers per hour

v      Noiseless rubber tires, special ability to climb steep hills

v     Applicable to higher speeds


v     Uses high tech proven technologies available today

v     Less costly to build, operate and maintain

v     Rides on top of a runway – elevated or at surface - guided by a central rail

v     Smaller, simpler and less costly maintenance areas

v     Allows far more efficient and flexible switching at a fraction of the cost

v     Special Urbanaut structures with a small foot print can be located off the street

v     Portable, removable guideway system

v     Flexibility – 3 different types of inexpensive, easy switching devices

v     Constructed with minimum interference to street traffic

v      Does not straddle the beam way

A summary of the advantages of the Urbanaut® is perhaps best expressed by the following quote from one of the many e-mails we receive daily:
"This system very cleverly uses monorail technology, then takes it everywhere and does everything that a conventional straddle-beam could never do. My compliments to the minds that gave birth the URBANAUT".

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Typical Traffic Chaos in an American City

Buses and Autos Compete for Space, Traffic Lights Every Second Block
(An Elevated Urbanaut
®Monorail is Shown
 Crossing Above the Intersection)

The great advantage of an elevated non-polluting Urbanaut® transport system in the city lies in its independence from the congestion at the street level. In addition, of course, it aims to cut down the tremendous pollution and health hazard created by diesel gas powered vehicles.


Highlights of the Urbanaut® MONORAIL Technology

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