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Introduction Basic Principle Vehicles & Capacities Guideways Stations Switching Technology Center
Bogies & Propulsion Adaptability Comparisons Technical Specifications Cost Data Projects & Feasibility Studies Corporate Information References

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Adaptability & Flexibility:

Adaptability of Guideway

Crossing Under Elevated Roadways

Smallest Tunnel Profile

Sharp Turn Radius, Steep Climbing Ability

Urbanaut on a Floating Bridge

Circulator Loop as Feeder Line for Trunk line

Urbanaut on Cable Bridge

High Speed Train in Median of Freeway

Basic Principle and Technology:

Basic Principle and Technology of the Urbanaut®

Rubber Tire Wheel Urbanaut®

SemiMaglev Urbanaut®

Detail of SemiMaglev EMS System

Dynamic Stability of Vehicles

Bogies and Propulsion:

Single Urbanaut Vehicle with Bogies

3 Optional Propulsion Systems

Rubber Tire System

2 Bogie Systems

Finite Element Stress Analysis

Semi-Maglev EMS Propulsion Technology

Comparisons with Other Systems:

Energy Demand

Urbanaut® vs Straddle Beam

O&M Costs – Bus and Light Rail

Area Required for Steel Rail Transit

Environmental Impact of Light Rail

Urbanaut® vs Light Rail

Straddle Beamway Rotating Switch

Switching the Alweg Beam

Costly Alweg Maintenance Areas

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Corporate Information:

Corporate Profile

Urbanaut® Patents, and Proprietary Information

Cost Information:

Elements of Urbanaut® Project Costs

Cost of Type I Single Elevated Guideway

Example of Cost of Type I Guideway

Cost of Type II Dual Elevated Guideway

Cost of Type III Single Guideway at Surface

Variable Cost Items

Comparison of Cost with Other Systems (Link)



Guideways and Construction:

Elevated Spans at 150 ft. Apart

Cross Section of Single Guideway

Single Portable Guideway

Prefabricated Portable Dual Guideway

Prefabricated Dual Guideway (Boot)

Guideway Components

Assembly of Guideway

Cross Section & Top View of Curved Columns

Dual Guideway

Standard Elevated Concrete Beam

Construction Sequence

3 Types of Columns


Modern Times Set Different Criteria

Urbanaut® - the Alternative

Typical Traffic Chaos in an American City

Highlights of Urbanaut® Technology (Link)


Stations, Platforms and Emergengy Escape:

High Capacity Stations (2)

Center Platform Station

Off-line By-Pass Station

Station for 2-Car Train in Airport

Station Within Multi-story Building

Station for Cold Climates

Emergency Escape


4 Types of Switches

3-Way High Speed Switch

Swivel Switch

Off-Line Station With On-Board Switch.

Shuttle Switch

Application of Switching to Feeder Loop

Cost Savings Comparison (Link)

Technology Specifications

Technology Center:

Welcome to the Urbanaut Technology Center

Illustrations of the Technology Center

Video of Technology Center

Sequence of Train Going through Switch

Vehicle Concepts and Capacities:

Vehicle – Train Combinations

Train-Passenger Capacities Chart

Speed Charts (2)

Floor Plans & Elevations:

Single Vehicle

2-Car Train

3-Car Train

6-Car Train

Interior Views

PRT Vehicles

Maintenance Vehicle

Automated Drive, Control & Operation



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