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Introduction Basic Principle Vehicles & Capacities Guideways Stations Switching Technology Center
Bogies & Propulsion Adaptability Comparisons Technical Specifications Cost Data Projects & Feasibility Studies Corporate Information References

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Urbanaut® Monorail  Technology References

  1. Puget Sound Monorail Master Plan, Washington State, USA

  2. Circulator for City of Shoreline, Washington, USA

  3. Single Guideway Circulator for Downtown Seattle, USA (Word Doc.)

  4. SemiMaglev Urbanaut® Paper, Maglev 04' Conference Paper, Shanghai, China (pdf File 1.5MB)

  5. Program for Presentation for PSRC, Jan. 6, 2003 Seattle, Wa. USA (pdf File 24KB)

  6. Professor J. Schneider also presents Urbanaut® information at

  7. Technology Center Videos

  8. Definition and Description of Monorail (pdf File 231KB)




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